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The India of tomorrow is looking at empowerment, faster connectivity, more jobs, better education and improved quality of life. The Good Governance model of Shri Narendra Modi, enrapturedly  referred to as #ModiMantra encompasses these broad themes into simple takeaways which have the potential of transforming India in the near future.

  • Quadrilateral of Bullet trains will fundamentally alter the way Indians are connected. Laying of new rail lines will spur industrial growth, create new employment, boost rural economy and enhance productivity. 

  • Skill development will empower our youth to get gainful employment, not just in India but around the world. Every state should not only have have IITs, IIMs and AIIMS but a host of skill development centers through ITIs.

  • The dream of every household, farm and industry in India getting access to 24X7 power is a powerful dream which can transform India and its economy. Shri Modi has delivered this dream in Gujarat and now India awaits this transformation. 


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